The college has a well equipped airy, spacious and partially computerized library and reading room, have separate building of 8800sq.ft. Ground floor is used for stack room, circulation section and office administration and first floor for Boys’ Study Room and second floor for Girls’ Study Room.

Library is a nucleus of teaching, learning and research process. Our College Library has been playing a vital role in over all development of the college since its inception.


Various course and educational programmes are taught in the college. Our College library supports –

  1. To develop collection of reading material useful for various cources.
  2. To provide various library services and facilities to the readers.
  3. To support research activity for its progress and qualitative development.
  4. To preserve and conserve the collection of reading material in the library.
  5. To support parent institution for developing quality of learning and teaching.


Every year the college constitutes Library Committee for its smooth functioning of its activities. The main objective of library committee are to decide and adopt policies to govern the management and programme of the library, to prepare the annual budget, rules and regulations of the library. The committee also looks into students grievances, if any. The committee consist, of Principal as Ex-officio, Librarian as Secretary and senior faculty members and students representative. The committee formed for the year 2009-10 is as under.

  1. Principal Dr. H. B. Patil Ex-Officio Chairman.
  2. Prof. S. M. Ruikar- Committee Chairman
  3. Prof. S. Y. Hongekar Member
  4. Prof. Mrs. S. M. Joshi Member
  5. Prof. S. G. Patil Member
  6. Prof. Dr. Mrs. S. S. Kalatkar Member
  7. Prof. Dr. N. B. Patil Member
  8. Prof. Dr. V. S. Dhekale Member
  9. Prof. S. B. More (Librarian) Secretary
  10. Mr. Makrand Mallappa Kumbhar Student representative
  11. Miss. Akshta Pratapchandra Rasam Ladies representative

Two meetings of library committee are organized in an academic year, i.e. one in first term and another second term.


The college has a well equipped airy, spacious and computerised library.

1. Ground Floor : (Area 3200 Sq. ft)

  • Librarians Office
  • Circulation Section
  • Text Book Section
  • Main Stack Room
  • Internet Facility
  • OPAC.
  • Reprography Unit.

2. First Floor – (Area 2400 Sq. ft.)

  • Reference and periodical section
  • Book Acquisition
  • Processing Unit.
  • Study Room for girls and faculty members.
  • Virtual Learning centre

3. Third Floor - (Area 3200 sq. ft.)

  • Study Room for Boys.


  • Reference and periodical section = 50  (Faculty members and girls)
  • Girls Study Room = 50 (Girls)
  • Boys Study Room = 250 (Boys)

Library Working Hours

1.  Circulation Section

  • Monday to Saturday = 7.30 am to 6 pm
  • Sunday – 10 am to 5 pm

2. Reference and Periodical Section - 10 am to 6 pm.

3. Office Hours - 10 am to 6 pm

4. Reading Room for Boys - 7.30 am to 9.30 pm

Library Resources

The Library has an extensive collection of books and journals covering all aspects of Arts, Commerce, Science, Computer Science, Business Administration, Computer Application, Biotechnology, Environmental Science, Library and Information Science etc.

The Periodical Section is a vital source for academic research and up – to – date – information. We subscribe 65 journals and periodicals of  various subjects and fifteen newspapers with their multipal copies and are made available to faculty members in their staff room and students in Boys Study Room, Ladies Room and Ladies hostel.

Total Holding as on – 31 – 3 – 2009

1.   Total Books –

  • Senior College: 62,006
  • Junior College : 23,556
  • Total Books: 85,562

2.  Non – Book Materials

  • C. Ds.: 562
  • Audio Cassettes: 24

3.  Library and Information Science Department –

  • M. Phil. Dissertations: 22
  • M. Lib. Dissertations: 137
  • B. Lib and I. Sc. Newspaper clipping: 141

4.   Number of Periodicals

  • Subscribed: 63
  • Graties: 02
  • Total (Appendix – I): 65

5.  Newspaper: 15

6)  Total Cost of books as on  31 – 3 – 2009

  • Senior College Books Rs. 55,82,124/-
  • Junior College Books Rs. 15,46,107/-

Total Cost : Rs.71,28,231/-

Addition of Books in the year 2009-10 (upto 30-09-2009)

Particulars Sr. College Jr. College
Books 604 683
Price Rs. 1,26,230 Rs. 70,440

Courses Offered

  • First Year – B.A., B. Com., B. Sc., BCS, BBA, BCA.
  • Second Year – B.A., B. Com., B. Sc., BCS, BBA, BCA.
  • Third Year – B.A., B. Com, B. Sc., BCS., BBA, BCA.


All the students, faculty members and non-teaching staff of the college are entitled to get the membership of the library.

Readers of the library are as follows –

  • Senior College Students: 2971
  • Junior College Students: 2997
  • New Model English School
    • Jr. College Student: 2022

4.  Teaching staff.

  • Senior college: 71
  • Junior college: 93

5. Non-Teaching Staff: 124

6.  Readers from the society: 41

7.  Students of YCMOU: 65

Total Readers: 8384

Library Services and Facilities

The library has a key role in supporting the academic activities of the institution by establishing, maintaining are promoting the following library and information services, both  quantitatively and qualitatively.

1.  Borrowing facility

  • Each Student: 2 Books
  • Meritorious Student: More than 2 Books
  • Duration: 7 days

c) Faculty Members: No Limit to issue books

Duration: one academic year

d)Non-Teaching Statt: 10 books

Duration: one month

e)Other Readers: 2 books

Duration: 15 days

Books for competitive examinations such as MPSC, UPSC, MH-CET, MBA-CET, MBA-CET, NDA, NET/SET, IIT-JEE, C.A. foundation are also issued on the identity cards.

One extra book useful for MH-CET, AIEEE and IIT Examination to junior college science students, for a week, who are going to appear for these examination.

Current journals are displayed on racks and the back issues are issued for seven days.

2. Book Bank Facility

A set of text books is issued between two students of Senior and Junior college for the academic year as per their demand. The sets of all text books are also issued to the students who secure highest percentage of marks in the class and those who stand in the merit list of University, S.S.C. Board Exam. The number of student of senior college benefited under the scheme during the last five years.

Year                                       No. of student

2004-05                                             397

2005-06                                             437

2006-07                                             478

2007-08                                             615

2008-09                                             455

2009-10                                             451

3.  Journals:

Current issues of journals and periodicals are in the “Reference and Periodical Section” and are made available to students and faculty members.

Back issues of  journals and periodicals are issued for home-lending  for a week.

4.  Open Access:

Open Access facility to staff members, third year and meritorious students is available for effective use of library resources.

5.  Study Room:

Study Room Facility is available to students and faculty members, during the library hours i.e. 7.30 am to 9.30 pm.

6.  Reprography:

Reprography  facility is available to all students and staff members at a charges of Rs. 1= 00. per copy.

7.  Internet Facility:

A large number of resources are available on the web and students are provided with five computers for internet facilities. The broad-band internet facility is available in the library  for students and faculty. It is free of charge for faculty, while at nominal charges of Rs. 5/- per hour for students. EBSCO data base is made available at free of charge from Y.C.M.O.U.

8. Current Awareness Service – (CAS)

Every month we issue a list of new arrivals and also issue Xerox copy of content page of research journals to respective department. This list of new arrival is also displayed on the notice board for information of students. New  arrivals (books) are displayed on Display Stand for seven days.

9.  Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI) -

The SDI Service is given daily to faculty and students by supplying update current affairs, News paper clipping, latest books, etc.

10. Reference Service –

The reference books are made available to the readers during library hours. The personal assistance as guidance and help is provided, if required to the new readers to make use of the reference book.

11. Question Papers –

The sets of university examination question papers are made available to faculty and students from the library.

12. Inter Library Loan Facility –

The library can borrow the books from other libraries or issues the books to other libraries on Inter Library Loan Basis for a limited period of time. Some of the staff members are also the members of Shivaji University Library and make use of University Library according to their need. Our library can borrow or issue the books to the following libraries.

  • DK. ASC. College Ichalkaranji
  • Mahaveer College, Kolhapur
  • New College, Kolhapur
  • Rajaram College Kolhapur
  • Rajarshi Shahu College, Kolhapur
  • Padmabhushan Vasantraodada Patil Mahavidyala, Tasgaon
  • Shri Vijaysinh Yadav Arts & Science College, Pethvadgaon

13. User Orientation

Orientation to the fresh students for effective use of library and awareness about the services are given in the month of June / July of each year.

14.  Library Facility to Outside readers

To ensure optimum use of the library collection and to generate additional financial resources, library has started “Library Deposit Scheme” to provide an opportunity to off the campus users to avail the facilities of library resources.

15.  Library Computerization

Our college library is fully computerized. The library uses SLIM-21 software developed by Algorthythms Consultants Pvt. Ltd., Pune for library automation. OPAC is provided for searching of documents. The library is having seven terminals for daily routine work and five terminals for internet access. Researchers of library and information science take the benefit of EBSCO database. The work of bar-coding is also completed, which helps for effective and speedy transaction of books.

16. New Arrivals

New Arrivals (books) received by the library are displayed on “Display Stand” for seven days and send the list to the respective departments for the information of teachers and students.

17.  Other Curricular activities –

  • Orientation to the new students for effective use of library.
  • Guidance to degree college students for their projects e.g. B. C. S. Students.
  • Notification of changes in curriculum if any, from time to time to faculty and students.
  • To encourage and promote the reading habits of the students and faculty -
  • Library organizes book exhibitions from time to time.
  • Library organizes “Book Review Competition” for the students.
  • To create awareness, about the library and its functions and to encourage students, B.Lib & I.Sc., M.Lib & I.Sc., and M. Phil programmes of Yashavantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University, Nishik are started by the library from 2004-05, 2003-04 and 2006-07 respectively.
  • On the occasion of “The Vivekanand Jayantee Saptah” we organize book exhibition on Vivekanand and his work on 12th and 13th January every year.
  • We organised workshop for the guidance of “SET Examination Students ” on every Sunday from 21/7/09 to 30/8/09 for the M.Lib & I.Sc. passed students. Subject experts from Pune, Mumbai and Sangli are invited for the guidance.
  • We propose to felicitate the first two students who make use of maximum number of books from the library from Arts, Commerce, Science stream.


The ”School of Library and Information Science” of YCMOU is one of the most prestigious library science schools in the Open Education system in India. B. Lib & I.Sc., M. Lib & I.Sc. as well as M.Phil. courses are run by the library. Miss Kolhatakar  Netra Suhas student of M.Lib & I.Sc. Stood first, Shri Kurade Sandip Rajaram Student of B. Lib & I.Sc stood first and Miss Gaikavad Megharani student of B.Lib & I.Sc stood first in Maharashtra State at University Examinations held in May, 2006, May 2008, and May, 2009, respectively. These courses are conducted on every Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm.

Every year we generate funds of Rs. 11,000/- from B. Lib & I.Sc Rs. 16,250/-, from  M.Lib & I.Sc. and Rs. 47,270/- from M.Phil Course for library development.


Vivekanand College, library has offered additional library services to the readers:

  • We have increased half an hours library working hours.
  • On Sunday, the library services are made available from 10 am to 5 pm to the readers.
  • ‘Reference and periodical section’ have been independently started.
  • For smooth and efficient library working ‘SLIM-21′ library software has been installed and library has been fully computerized. Six terminals are connected.
  • Five terminals are connected for internet access.
  • The library organizes ‘Book Review Competition’ for students in Hindi, Marathi and English language every year during Diwali vacation.
  • ‘Vertual Learning Centre’ has been started in co-operation with Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University, Nashik.
  • OPAC  facility

9.  Collection – Addition of books and reading materials during the last five years (Sr. and Jr.  College)

particular 2003-04 2008-09 addition
Text book 21689 31615 9926
Reference Book 42712 53947 11235
C.D. 126 562 436
Periodicals 78 65 - 13
Audio Cassettes 10 24 14

10.  Statement showing year-wise issue of Book

(Sr. and Jr. College)

Year Senior Junior Total Daily average
2004-05 1,70,583 95,620 2,66,253 787
2005-06 1,60,077 96,085 2,56,162 734
2006-07 1,67,651 1,02,055 2,69,709 784
2007-08 1,77,882 1,04,685 2,82,567 821
2008-09 2,18,188 1,07,811 3,25,999 945


  • Automation of in-house factors of all the sections of the library.
  • To establish networking with other college and University           Libraries.
  • To start indexing and abstracting service of periodicals in the     library.


A.  General :-

  • Identity Card is compulsory for all enrolled students for availing of library facilities.
  • Identity Card will be issued by the librarian on presentation of admission receipt and photograph along with prescribed application form.
  • Duplicate Identity Card will be issued after payment of Rs. 100/- along with prescribed application form.
  • Misbehaviour and misuse of Identity Card is an offence and the student responsible for the same is liable for disciplinary action.
  • Suggestion box is kept in the library. Constructive suggestions/complaints are entertained.
  • In case of any grievances the users should contact to Librarian or Principal.
  • Readers of the library may recommend resources for procurement. The library will procure the books and journals on approval by the principal.

B. Issue Section –

  • One Borrowers Ticket is issued free of cost to each student.
  • Two Books are issued on the Borrower’s Ticket and they can be retained with the reader only for seven days.
  • Reference/Rare books are not issued out, however, they are made available in the library during library hours.
  • Students can borrow books on “Borrower’s Ticket” as per the time –       table given below.
    • Monday: BA III, BBAII , B.Sc. I, XI Arts,
    • Tuesday: BBAI , BCS I,  XIISci., XI Com.
    • Wednesday: B.Com III,  BCA III,  XIIArts, XI Sci.,
    • Thursday: B.Com II, B. Sc. II, B.CA II, XII Com.
    • Friday: B. Sc. III, BCS III BA I, B. Com I.
    • Saturday: BBA, III, BCA III, BA II, BCS I.
  • Books and other reading materials borrowed by the readers are liable to recall back at any time and shall be returned within 24 hours.
  • Overdue Charges of 50 paise per day will be charged for overdue.
  • Students should take care of the books issued to them. They should inform about missing pages of the books to the library staff immediately after the receipt in the book.
  • The lost/torn books are to be replaced with the latest edition, otherwise double price of the book will be charged or Rs. 50/- which is more.
  • Belongings should be kept at the counter when students are entering in the library stack.

C. Study Room:

“Study Room” is kept open from 7.30 am to 9.00 pm. on all working days.

  • No admission is permitted in study room without Identity Card.
  • Students can borrow text books, journals, question paper sets on their Identity Card in the study room.
  • Books / Study materials issued in the study room will have to be returned before leaving the study room, otherwise a fine of Rs. 10/- will be charged per day.
  • Indiscipline/ misbehaviour of the student will be liable for the disciplinary action.


  • Librarian: 01
  • Asst. Librarian: 01
  • Lib. Clerks: 05
  • Lib. Attendants: 07

A. Librarian

  • Name: Mr. Sambhaji Bhagwan More
  • Educational Qualification: M.A., M.Com., M.Lib., & I, Sc.
  • Date of Appointment: June 15, 1973.
  • Awards:
    • Active College Librarian Award (1994)
    • Granth Mitra Puraskar (May 2009)


Name and Designation Work Distribution
1. Mr. S.B. More,


Curriculum Viate

1. Library development and Administration

2. Acquisition of books

3. Book classification

4. Bills payments

5. Coordinator and Councilor of B.Lib.,

M.Lib., M.Phil. Courses.

6. User Orientation

2.  Mr. H. S. Salunkhe,

(M.A., B.Lib. & I.Sc.)

Assit. Librarian

Curriculum Viate

1. Stock Verification Report

2. Control over library dues, staff and student

3. Study room administration

4. Subject wise expenditure

5. To help the librarian in the library


3. Mrs. S.P. Patil,

(B.A., B.Ed.)

Lib. Clerk

1. Acquisition of periodicals

2. Book issuing to staff members

3. Reprographic unit accounting

4. Library statistics

5. To help the Assit. Librarian in library


4. Mr. R.R. Salunkhe


Lib. Clerk

1. Accessioning of books

2. Cataloguing

3. Reference service

4. Periodical section administration

5. Issuing of subjectwise list of books to

subject heads.

5. Mr. A.A. Mhaswade


Lib. Clark

1. Overall responsibility of circulation section.

2. Preparation of database of the library.

6. Miss. S.A. Jagtap


Lib. Clark

1. Issuing of Identity cards.

2. Home lending to junior college students

and administration of book bank.

3. To issue library no dues.

7. Miss. P.P. Jadhav


Lib. Clark

1. Administration of book bank facility to

senior college students.

2. Issuing of Borrower tickets.

3. Preparation of database.

4. Home lending to MH-CET students.

5. Internet facility and accounting.

Lib. Attendants :

  • Mr. B.A. Nare [B.Com. B.Lib. & Isc.]
  • Mr. B.S. Khot [B.Com.]
  • Mr. S.M. Kamble [B.A.]
  • Mr. D.B. Pimpalkar [Std. X]
  • Mr. R.S. Dinde [Std. X]
  • Smt. N.S. Patil [Std. X]
  • Sou. M.D. Gurav [Std. X]

The library welcomes suggestions from users in order to improve its services to its reader.


For further information contact:

Mr. Sambhaji B. More. Librarian

Ph. 0231-2654398

Mob.: 9881342232



List of Research Journals 2009-10

Class No. Sr. No. Title Language Periodicity
020 Library and Information Science
01 Dynangangotri Marathi Quarterly
02 Granth Pariwar Marathi Quarterly
03 DESIDOC Bulletin of Information Science English Quarterly
320 Political Science
04 Samaj Prabodhan Patrika Marathi Quarterly
330 Economics
05 Arthasanwad Marathi Quarterly
06 Economic and Political Weekly English Weekly
07 Yojana Marathi Monthly
370 Education
08 University News English Weekly
500 Science
09 Current Science English Monthly
10 Resource Journal of Science Education English Monthly
11 Science Report English Monthly
530 Physics
12 Journal of Astrophysics and Astronomy English Quarterly
540 Chemistry
13 Research Journal of Chemistry and Environment English Quarterly
14 Journal of Chemical Science English Monthly
570 Biology
15 Agrobios News Letter English Monthly
16 Journal of Bioscience English Monthly
17 Journal of Genetics English Monthly
820 English Literature
18 Indian Writing in English English Quarterly
19 Critical Enquiry English Quarterly
891.43 Hindi Literature
20 Samiksha Hindi Monthly
21 Samkalin Bharatiya Sahitya Hindi Monthly
891.46 Marathi Literature
22 Anusthubha Marathi Quarterly
900 History
23 Bharatiya Etihas ani Sanshodan Patrika Marathi Quarterly
24 Sanshodhan Marathi Quarterly


List of Periodicals 2009-10

Class No. Sr. No. Title Language Periodicity
000 General Knowledge
01 Chanakya Mandal Marathi Monthly
02 Chronicle English Monthly
03 Employment news English Weekly
04 Spardha Pariksha Marathi Monthly
004 Computer Science
05 Lunix journal English Quarterly
06 Technology Review English Monthly
07 PC Magazine English Monthly
320 Political Science
08 Frontline English Fortnightly
09 India Today English Weekly
10 Lokarajya Marathi Monthly
11 Prabhodhan Prabosh Joti Marathi Monthly
330 Economics
12 Arthaseva Marathi Monthly
13 Business India English Fortnightly
14 Sahakari Maharashtra Marathi Monthly
15 Sampada Marathi Monthly
16 Udyojak Marathi Monthly
370 Education
17 Shikshan Sankraman Marathi Monthly
500 Science
18 Competition Science Vision English Monthly
510 Mathematics
19 Mathematics Today English Monthly
530 Physics
20 Electronic for you English Monthly
21 Physics for you English Monthly
540 Chemistry
22 Chemistry today English Monthly
570 Biology
23 Biology Today English Monthly
24 Krushi Vidynan English Monthly
630 Environmental Science
25 Down to Earth English Monthly
790 Sports
26 Sport Start English Weekly
820 English Literature
27 Readers digest English Monthly
481.43 Hindi literature
28 Alochana Hindi Monthly
29 Vagyarth Hindi Monthly
891.46 Marathi Literature
30 Anubhav Marathi Monthly
31 Chitralekha Marathi Monthly
32 Lalit Marathi Monthly
33 Lokprabha Marathi Weekly
34 Maharashtra Times Marathi Quarterly
35 Maitrichya Palikade Marathi Quarterly
36 Maher Marathi Monthly
37 Milun Saryajani Marathi Monthly
38 Sadhana Marathi Weekly
39 Sakshat Marathi Quarterly
40 Saptahik Sakal Marathi Weekly
41 Taniksha Marathi Monthly


The best reader award is given to the three students in the academic year. We have started B. Lib. & I. Sc., M. Lib. & I. Sc. and M. Phil. course of Yashvantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University, Nashik. Prof. S. B. More Librarian, Coordinator and Counselor B. Lib & Int.Sci, M.Lib & Int.Sci. & M.Phil (Lib & Int.Sci) Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University, Nasik