Department of B. C. A.


1. Establishment:  2008
2. Number of Teaching Posts:  04
3. Sanctioned and Filled:  4 + 2 Part Time
4. Workload of the Department: 60 (Theory) + (32)Practical = 92

Faculties in the Department:

Faculty Name Academic Qualification Designation
Dr.N.Y. Rajeshirke M.Com., M.Phil. Ph.D Coordinator
Miss. V.D. Patil M.Com., M.B.A. M.Phil Sr. Lecturer
Mr. V.B.Pujari B.Sc. M.C.A. Sr. Lecturer
Miss B.G.Kambale, M.C.A. Sr. Lecturer
Miss. A. S. Patil BCA. M.C.A. Sr. Lecturer
Mr. Kadam. A. S. M.Sc Environment Lecturer (CHB)
Miss. Pawar M.S. M.A. English Lecturer (CHB)

Department Achivements:

University Rankers

Year 2013-14

1. Miss. Revankar Vibha Manoj stood  7th in Shivaji University.

2. Shri. Chandak Satyapriya Shrikant  stood  9th in Shivaji University

Year 2012-13

University Rankers

1. Miss. Budhale Kishori Chandrakant stood  2nd  in Shivaji University.

2. Miss. Gaikwad Leena Vasantrao  stood  5thin Shivaji University.

3. Miss. Walake Sarika Bajirao  stood  8thin Shivaji University.

Youth Festival (Acheivement in Dance, Music etc. organized by Shivaji University )

1. D’souza Winston & Shantanu Shirgurkar & Rahul Kamble of BCA III receive 1st prize in Western Singing Competition (Group) .

2. D’souza Winston of BCA III receive IInd  prize in Western Singing Competition (Solo) .


1. Suyash Joshi  of BCA II (2012-13 Batch) played Chess at National Level.

Year 2011-12

College Rankers

1. Shanbhag Anant Rajesh  stood  1st with 71% in College.

2. Dhavan Suyog Satling      stood 2nd  with 70% in College.

3. Samant Nilish Prakahs stood 3rd with 69% in College


Youth Festival (Acheivement in Dance, Music etc. organized by Shivaji University )

1. Anant Shanbag of BCA III received 1st Price  in Western Music Category(Solo).

2. Anant Shanbag of BCA III & Dsouza Winston of BCA I receive 1stprice   in Western Music Category (Group).


1. Rohit Bagwade of BCA III (2010-11 Batch) played Table Tenis  at Inter University Level.

Year 2010-11

College Rankers

1. Miss. Patil Pratima Babaso  stood  1st with 71% in College.

2. Miss. Kulkarni Dhanshri stood 2nd  with 70% in College.

3. Mr Khandekar Santosh Appaso stood 3rd with 69% in College

Departmental Activities:

Year 2013-14

Co-curricular Activities:

     i. Seminars :

Sr. No Date Subject Resource Person
1 29/08/2013 C’ Language learning in Marathi Classic Software System
2 5/10/2013 Carriers in Animation I Dream India Instu.,Kop.
3 22/01/2014 Project Report Dr. N. Y. Rajeshirke
4 01/03/2014 Employability OF IT Graduate Shri. Ajay Kulkarni, Vishvnet Computers Pvt. Ltd., Kolhapur

ii. Group Discussion

iii. Debate.

iv. Mock Teaching.

v. Exhibition

Above all activities was conducted by Department in the month of Feb.,2014 for BCA Students.

Extra-curricular Activities:

Sketching/Painting/Powder Shading and Photography Exhibitionarranged by Department for students and prize for best activity was awarded.