Department of Biotechnology


Due to establishment of Department of Biotechnology in the Vivekanand College and with moral support of Our Principal Dr.Hindurao patil Vivekanand College is under the Star College Scheme through Department of Biotechnology Govt.OF.india.

The Department of Biotechnology established in June 2005 under the guidance of Dr.M.Y.Bachulkar and Principal Dr.A.N.Jagtap the inauguration of Dept in presence of president of Shri swami vivekanand Shikshan Sanstha’s H’nble Shri Abhaykumar Salunkhe and in presence of H’nble Namdar- Shri R.R.Patil along with Vice-Chancellor of Shivaji University Dr.M.M.Salunkhe The first course launched in this department is B.Sc-Biotechnology(one of the subject) in 2005 and second course B.Sc- Biotechnology (Entire) in 2006 . The alumina of our department secured reputed  post in the field of research, academics, industries etc.Vivekanand college is the only college in Shivaji university who offers both the courses of Biotechnology at undergraduate level only in Kolhapur District.

1. Department Faculty:

Faculty Name Academic Qualification Designation
Mr. Kulkarni S.G. M.Sc.Biochemistry Head-Biotechnology;Entire stream (Assistant Prof-Biochemistry)
Ms. Nadaf S.H M.Sc.Biochemistry Head-Biotechnology- Optional stream (Assistant Prof-Biochemistry)
Mr.Upadhye A.L. M.Sc.Biotech Assistant Prof-Biotechnology
Ms. More V.N. M.Sc.Microbiology Assistant Prof-Biotechnology
Mr. Sutar S. S. M.Sc. Biotech Assistant Prof-Biotechnology
Ms. Patil Priya D. M.Sc. Biotech Assistant Prof-Biotechnology
Ms. Ulape M. D. M.Sc. Biotech Assistant Prof-Biotechnology
Ms. Patil Prajkta D. M.Sc.Microbiology Assistant Prof-Biotechnology
Mrs. Jadhav A. P. M.Sc.Microbiology Assistant Prof-Biotechnology
Mrs. Wajantri D. A. M.Sc. Pharmaceutical Microbiology Assistant Prof-Biotechnology

2. Students enrolment:

Sr. No. Class Students 2014-2015 2015-16 2016-17 2017-18
1. B.Sc. I Total 29 28 35 34
2. B.Sc. II Total 19 25 27 33
3. B.Sc. III Total 26 20 23 26
B.Sc- Biotechnology- Optional      
4. B.Sc-I Total 30 32 32 31
5. 6. B.SC-II Total 21 27 23 27
B.Sc-III Total 22 22 27 22

3.Departmental Results:

Sr. No. Class   2014-2015 2015-16 2016-17
B.Sc-Biotechnology Entire Aggregate result at B.Sc-III    
1. B.Sc-III Percentage
Of passing
100% 100% 100%
B.Sc-Biotechnology Optional Aggregate result at B.Sc-III    
2. B.Sc-III Percentage of passing 100% 100% 100%

4. Departmental Rank Holders:

Sr. No. Class 2014-15 2015-16 2016-17
1. B.Sc.-III Biotechnology
03 02 04
2. B.Sc-III Biotechnology
Nil Nil 11

5. University Rank Holders:

Sr. No. Name of the student Class Year University Rank
1. Miss.Samani Saloni B.Sc-III Biotech-Entire April 2009 Fourth
2. Mr.Shinde Swapnil R B.Sc-III Biotech Entire April 2009 Fifth
3. Miss.Shinde Shweta B.Sc-III Biotech Entire April 2009 Eighth
4. Miss Shaikh Neelam B.Sc-III Biotech Entire April 2009 Tenth
5. Miss.Desai Megha.P B.Sc-III Biotech Entire April 2011 Third
6. Mr.Patil Parikshit P B.Sc-III Biotech Entire April 2011 Fourth
7. Miss.Shinde Manisha.M. B.Sc-III Biotech Entire April 2011 Sixth
8. Miss.Chandanai Harsha. K B.Sc-III Biotech Entire April2011 Eighth
9. Miss.Kumbhar Madhuri B B.Sc-III Biotech Entire  April 2011 Tenth
10. Miss.Ghatage Tejaswini S B.Sc-III Biotech Entire April 2013 Fourth
11. Miss.Jagdale Komal U B.Sc-III Biotech Entire April 2013 Fifth
12. Mr.Yadav Mithilesh M B.Sc-III Biotech Entire April 2013 Eighth
13. Miss.Patil Devashree N B.Sc-III Biotech Entire April 2014 First
14. Miss.Ulpe Samiksha S B.Sc-III Biotech Entire April 2014 Eighth
15 Miss.Kakade Samidha S. B.Sc-III Biotech Entire April 2015 Third
16 Miss. Nair Sini S. B.Sc-III Biotech Entire April 2015 Fourth
17 Miss. Kadam Pallavi S. B.Sc-III Biotech Entire April 2015 Sixth
18 Miss. Attar Amreen S. B.Sc-III Biotech Entire April 2016 Second
19 Miss.Khade Namrata P. B.Sc-III Biotech Entire April 2016 Third
20 Miss. Pawar Shivani V.  B.Sc.III Entire April 2017 Second
21 Miss. Sayyad Benzeer B. B.Sc.III Entire April 2017 Fifth
22 Miss. Shetty Rashmita S. B.Sc.III Entire April 2017 Eight
23 Miss. Pathak Narayani K. B.Sc.III Entire April 2017 Nineth
Biotechnology Optional
1. Miss.Malvekar Deepali B.Sc-III Biotech optional April 2010 First
2. Miss.Kalasgonda Sneha B.Sc-III Biotech optional April 2010 Second
3. Miss.Kittur Sneha B.Sc-III Biotech  optional April 2010 Third
4. Miss.Desai Swapnali B.Sc-III Biotech optional April 2010 Fourth
5. Mr.Sutar Mahesh B.Sc-III Biotech  optional April 2010 Fifth
6. Miss.Bhosale Rutuja B.Sc-III Biotech optional April 2010 Sixth
7. Miss.Desai Madhuri B.Sc-III Biotech  optional April 2010 Seventh
8. Miss.Gurram Namita B.Sc-III Biotech optional April 2010 Seventh
9. Miss.Patil Sujata B.Sc-III Biotech optional April 2010 Eighth
10. Miss.Deshpande Sampada B.Sc-III Biotech optional April 2010 Ninth
11. Mr.Potdar Sandesh B.Sc-III Biotech optional April 2010 Tenth
12. Miss.Jagtap Jyoti B.Sc-III Biotech optional April 2011  Fourth
13. Mr.Patil Onkar B.Sc-III Biotech Optional Apri 2011 Eighth
14. Miss.Pattanshetty Namarata B.Sc-III Biotech optional April 2011 Tenth
15. Mr.Palecha Mahendra B.Sc-III Biotech Optional April 2012 First
16. Miss.Thakur Pooja B.Sc-III Biotech optional April 2012 Fifth
17 Mr.Ambi Udhav B.Sc-III Biotech Optional April 2012  Eighth
18. Miss.Salgude Prachi B.Sc-III Biotech optional April 2012 Tenth
19. Miss. Natu Prachi B.Sc-III Biotech Optional April 2014 First
20. Miss.Hiremath Minakshi B.Sc-III Biotech Optional April 2014 Second
21 Mr.Bansode Vikas B.Sc-III Biotech Optional April 2014 Third

6. Students achievements:

1. Students of our Dept are actively participated in Intercollegiate Biotechnology Quiz/Model/Poster/Slogun/Paper presentation Competitions organized by Colleges having Biotechnology under Shivaji University. As well as participated and secured Prizes in “Avishkar” research competition organized by Shivaji university, Kolhapur.

2. Students secured prizes for writing articles in our college Magzine’Vivek”.

3.Students secured prizes for Best paper presentation in International conference.

7. Departmental Library: Department having library and the books related to Biophysics,Immunolog,MolecularBiology, Microbiology etc. the benefit of the deptal library is for the student as well as staff.

8. Research Activity: Students carry out Research project as a part of their curriculum Nano-biotechnology, Biochemistry, fermentation technology, tissue culture, They are guided by Faculty members of the Dept.

9. Instruments available:- Cooling Centrifuge,Gel-Documentation system, Thermal Cycler-PCR,Incubator with Oven, Deep freeze ,BOD-Incubator.


10. Departmental Co-curricular Activity:- The Genome club of Biotechnology Dept. organizes intercollegiate  Biotechnology Quiz ,Rangoli competitions the students from various college having Biotechnology actively participate in the same.

a) Inter college Quiz Competition organized in  academic year 2012-13 on 26 th Feb 2013.

b) Inter College Quiz and Rangoli(Sceintific) Competition organized in academic year 2013-14 on 10 th of Feb 2014.

11. Workshops arranged:-

1) workshop on Practical Aspects of Biotechnology organized by Dept.of Biotech in collaboration with Bioeralife Sciences on 13-Feb 2010.

2) Workshop on Techniques in Biotech organized in collaboration with Banglore Genei pvt ltd on 1 March 2012.

3) Workshop on Syllabus unitization of B.Sc-II Biotechnology(Optional/Vocational/Entire) Sponsored by Shivaji university on 21 sep 2008

4) Workshop on Revised semester pattern syllabus of B.Sc-II Biotechnology (Optional/Vocational/Entire) on 1st -2 nd August 2014.

12.Industrial Visits:- As a part of syllabus students are visited different biotechnological industries such as CCMB,Hyderabad, Monsento Reaserch Center,Banglore, Labland Biotech,Mysore,IBAB,Banglore, CFTRI,Mysore Govt.Institute of Science Aurangabad,BARC Mumbai , Insecticide residue testing lab(Govt.Of.Maharashtra ) Pune , VSI-Pune etc.