Department of Economics


1. Establishment:  1964
2. Number of Teaching Posts:  04
3. Sanctioned and Filled:  04
4. Workload of the Department: 72
5. Faculties of the Department  
Faculty Name Academic Qualification Designation
Prof. S. S. Halale M.A. Associate Professor and Head
Prof. S. G. Gavade M. A. NET Assistant Professor
Prof. Y. D. Hartale M.A. Assistant Professor
Prof. S. R. Patil M.A. Assistant Professor



1. Rankers:-

           Our three students of B.A.III are included in Shivaji University, subject rank list.

A.  Ms. Khamkar A. V. Third Rank

B.  Ms. Khade S.L. Fourth Rank

C.  Ms. Sayyad T.G. Seventh Rank

2. National Conference:-

Organised a National conference (UGC Sponsored) on Contemporary Issues In India’s Foreign Trade with commerce department during 10th and 11th January 2014.

3. Celebration of World Population Day on 11th July 2013

4. Documentary Screening on Globalisation on 26th July 2013.

5. Organised a group discussion on International Trade, 5th August 2013.

6. Quiz Competition (Sub: General Knowledge) on 24th September 2013.

7. For the study purpose our Department visited to the Shahu Market Yard, Kolhapur on 1st January 2014.

8. Participated in Golden Jubilee Rally on 17th January 2014.


Sr. No. Name of Activity Topic Resource Person Period
1 World Population Indian Population Growth and Problems Mr. S. S. Halale 11 July, 2012
2 Group Discussion Research Methodology Mr. S. G. Gavade and B.A.III Students 13 August, 2012
3 Guest Lecture vFkZ’kkL= fo”k;kps egRo o jkstxkj la/kh (Importance of Economic Subject and Employment Opportunities) Dr. P.S. Kamble, Asso. Prof. Shivaji University, Kolhapur 03 October, 2012
4 Student Seminars All Papers of B. A. Mr. S. S. Halale, Mr. S. G. Gavade,
Mr. Y. D. Hartale, Mr. S. R. Patil
10 October, 2012 to 20 October, 2012
5 Mock Interview Interview Preparation Students 08 January, 2013

Prof. Halale and Prof. Hartale taught B. A. III Paper No. IV, V, VII and result was 100% for these papers.

Staff Members:-

1. Prof. S. S. Halale: Associate Professor and HOD

2. Prof. S. G. Gavade: Assistant Professor

3. Prof. Y. D. Hartale: Assistant Professor

4. Prof. S. R. Patil: Assistant Professor

5. Prof. S. G. Bhawane: Assistant Professor


1. World Population Day (Seminar)11/07/2011

-         Indian Population: “Theoretical Aspects, problems and Prospects” Dr. V. S. Dhekale, Regional Level.

2. Students Group Discussion: 10/08/2011

-         Problems and Prospects of  Indian Agriculture- Mr. S. S. Halale, Chair and Dept. of Staff Members, Regional Level.

3. Teachers Day Celebration (Special Speech): 05/09/2010

-         Challenges in Higher Education in the Era of globalization Mr. S. S. Halale, Regional Level.

4. Bank Visit (Practical Banking): 10/12/2012

-         Practical Banking – Mr. S. G. Gavade, Mr. A. D. Kolape, Regional Level.

5. Students Mock Inte3rviews (B. A. III): 10/01/2012

-         Interview Participation Chair – Mr. S. S. Halale, Members:

1)    Mr. Y. D. Hartale, Mr. S. G. Gavade, Mr. S. R. Patil, Mr. A. D. Kolape , Regional Level.

2010 - 11

1. Faculty members of the departments have extended their help in career guidance and academic upliftment of the students. As a part of this, our faculty members encouraged students to participate in various conference and workshops.

2. Our department has celebrated “World Population Day” on 11th July, 2010.

3. Special Sessions were organised on the preparation of Mock Interviews, paper presentation, Group- discussions and Research paper writing.

4. Department has taken extra lectures and tests. As a result of that students writing skills and their confidence have increased.

5. Our faculty members have participated and presented papers in National and International conferences. Our faculties have published a research article in a book. All faculty members are continuously participated in various academic activities.

6. Also our department has organised a study tour, in Resource Economics to Pratapgad and Mahableshwar (Satara) on 9 January 2011.

2009 - 10

1. Faculty members of the departments have extended their help in career guidance and academic upliftment of the students. As a part of this, our faculty members encouraged students to take part in Shivaji University Economics Associations Conference held at Kavathe Mahankal on 23-24 December 2009. Mr. S. R. Patil presented their paper in the conference.

2. Mr. S. S. Halale has attended one National Seminar and two Workshops during the academic year.

3. Mr. S. G. Gavade has presented two research papers in the national and state level Seminars and participated in one regional workshop.

4. Mr. Y. D. Hartale has participated in two Workshops.

5. Mr. S. G. Bhavane has presented a paper in the National Seminar.

6. Mr. S. R. Patil has presented a paper in the National Conference and participated in one National Seminar and One Workshop.

7. Publication: Mr. S.G.Gavade has worked as co-author in text-book writing. Title of the topic “Reserve Bank of India and Monetary Policy”. (B.Com.III, Advanced Banking), Published by Center for Distance Education, Shivaji University, Kolhapur.

8. Special Training: Mr. S. G. Gavade has particijpated in the “ Course on Quantitative Methods in Labour Research” (8-19 February, 2010) organised by V. V. Giri National Labour Institute, NOIDA, (Uttar Pradesh).