Department of B. C. S.


1. Establishment:  June 2000
2. Head of Departments:  Miss Pallavi M. Dessai
3. Faculty members:  


Faculty Name Academic Qualification Designation
Ms. Dessai P. M. B.Sc. M.C.A.,M.Phil. H.O.D.
Mr. Mane R. R. B.Sc. M.C.A.,M.Phil Lecture
Mrs. Patil S. R. B.Sc. M.C.M. M.C.A. Lecture
Mrs. Dalvi V. C. B.Sc. M.C.M. M.C.A. M.Phil. Lecture
Ms. Bargale N. N. B.Sc. M.C.M. M.C.A. Lecture
Ms. Patil R.M. B.C.S. M.C.A Lecturer
1. Student Strength of Department :-


No. of Students

B.C.S. – I


B.C.S. – II


B.C.S. - III





2. Result of Department :-



B.C.S. – I


B.C.S. – II


B.C.S. - III









Sanction posts of Department :- 

Full Time Post – 06 3. 

Workload of Department :- 106 

4. Activities :

Seminar conducted by Mr. Prakash Janawade on ethical hacking on 6th Aug. 2013. 

Seminar conducted by Mr.Santosh Raskar  SRAJAN Institute of Gaming Mulitimedia & Animation,  

2-day Workshop on ethical hacking on 18/8/13 by Mr. Prakash Janawade. 

Seminar on “employability in IT industry” by Mr. Wadkar Vishwanet computers.

5) Achievements: 

Two rankers in university merit list 2013. 

Otari Priyanka Dilip 84.43% 9th rank 

Oswal Neha Himmat 84.37% 10th rank

 B.C.S –III 99% results