Study Material 12th Science

 Subject Chapter No. Name of Chapter PPT Link Subject Chapter No. Name of Chapter PPT Link
 Physics 1 Rotational Dynamics  Click Here Biology 1 Reproduction in Lower and Higher Plants Click Here
  2  Mechanical Properties of Fluids  Click Here   2 Reproduction in Lower and Higher Animals Click Here
  3 Kinetic Theory of Gases and Radiations  Click Here   3 Inheritance and Variation  Click Here
  4 Thermodynamics  Click Here   4 Molecular Basis of Inheritance Click Here
  5 Oscillations  Click Here   5 Origin and Evolution of Life Click Here
  6 Super Position of Waves  Click Here   6 Plant, Water Relation Click Here
  7 Wave Optics  Click Here   7 Plant Growth and Mineral Nutrition ClickHere
  8 Electrostatics  Click Here   8 Respiration and Circulation Click Here
  9 Current Electricity  Click Here   9 Control and Coordination Click Here
  10 Magnetic Fields due to Electric current  Click Here   10 Human Health and Diseases Click Here
  11 Magnetic Materials  Click Here   11 Enhancement of Food Production Click Here
  12 Electromagnetic Induction  Click Here   12 Biotechnology Click Here
  13 AC Circuits  Click Here   13 Organisms and Population  Click Here
  14 Dual Nature of Radiations and Matter  Click Here   14 Ecosystem and Energy Flow Click Here
  15 Structure of atoms and Nuclei  Click Here   15 Biodiversity, Conservation, and Ecological Issues Click Here
Chemistry 1 Solid State Click Here        
  2 Solutions Click Here        
  3 Ionic Equillibrium Click Here        
  4 Chemical Thermodynamics Click Here        
  5 Electrochemistry Click Here        
  6 Chemical Kinetics Click Here        
  7 Elements of Group 16,17 & 18 Click Here        
  8 Transition and Inner Transition Elements Click Here        
  9 Coordination Compounds Click Here        
  10 Halogen Derivatives Click Here        
  11 Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers Click Here        
  12 Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids Click Here        
  13 Amines Click Here        
  14 Biomolecules Click Here        
  15 Introduction to Polymer Chemistry Click Here        
  16 Green Chemistry and Nano Chemistry Click Here        
Maths   Google Classroom ( Note : Enter with Code 5qygpig) Click Here